4 Tricks to Maintain a Balanced Diet

You have probably heard the phrase, ‘you are what you eat’ It holds true for everyone. How you take care of your body reflects on your skin and health in the long term. But, many still have trouble with how to maintain a balanced diet as there is no particular diet that fits all. People have different body types and need different diets to suit their requirements. In addition, there are many people who diet completely wrong and never get the desired results. Are there any tricks to maintain a balanced diet? Read on, and see it for yourself:

Get Professional Help

Of Course, there’s YouTube and the internet. But it’s plagued with information overloading. There is too much information out there and most of it overwhelming. If you are only starting out, and don’t want to do it the wrong way, go for a nutritionist. A nutritionist will get you the right kind of diet after identifying your metabolism level, fat type and so on. If you have a question like how many grams of fiber per day, perhaps a nutritionist can give you the best answer.

Do Not Follow Food Fad’s

The 2019 food fad is veganism. It is the new way of life, and perhaps, very noble. But is vegan food meant for you? Can vegan food provide your body cells the energy it needs for the activities? This varies. Our diet should reflect the needs of our physical activities. The more exhausting activities we engage in, the more energy we need to feed ourselves to stay on the clock.

Indulge in the Greens

Not many people eat a lot of greens. Greens primarily include leafy vegetables and fruits. They are the naturally occurring sources of vitamins and other vital nutrient. Adding a lot of green vegetables to your diet, will naturally keep you more healthy and despite your body type. These are more like the universal food requirement.  Apart from greens, yet another important thing to include in your diet is the fiber. However, how many grams of fiber per day? As per the researchers,

  • women of age under 50 should have 21 to 25 grams per day
  • men of age under 50 should have 30 to 38 grams per day
  • Children, on the other hand, should have 14 to 31 grams of fiber per day.

Having high fiber in meals reduces the risk of getting chronic heart disease. Hence, regardless of your age or gender, green and fiber is a mandatory addition to your diet.

Read the Label

Every time you open a packet of chips or other processed food, make sure you read the labels. The label will have information like ingredients and date of expiry. Now, if you read the ingredients, you will come across MSG, saturated fat, cholesterol and sugar. The next thing is to go search for these terms on the internet and get a basic idea as to how it is affecting your body. Once you know it for yourself, you will never touch another packet of processed food in your life.


The basics of a well maintained balanced diet are to be aware of what you are feeding yourself. Self-care is an act of service, and in the long run, will save you from mentally exhausting trips to hospitals.  Your body is the most valuable thing you will ever own in your life, and you must keep it protected and safe, more than the most expensive diamonds.

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